Sympathetic to your co-op’s needs

We lend money exclusively to co-operatives.  Our approach to lending is ethical, accessible and sympathetic to your co-op’s needs.

The Co-operative Loan Fund is entirely funded and run by co-ops, so unlike many conventional lenders we truly understand and actively support democratically owned and controlled enterprises. We reinvest any surpluses into the fund to continue this support.

Applications welcome

Loan applications are welcome from new and existing co-operatives based in the UK that need between £10,000 – £85,000 of loan finance to:

• Set up as a new co-operative
• Expand their size and scope
• Assist an employee buyout or company succession
• Purchase a property or business
• Purchase capital equipment or create working capital

Please click the Apply for a Loan box on the right for an online application or a downloadable form.

Special features

The Co-operative Loan Fund is able to make loans that are flexibly tailored to meet your requirements.

Lending by the Co-operative Loan Fund will be at or near market terms.


The Co-operative Loan Fund is able to make unsecured loans, but will take security if available. We do not take personal guarantees on loans.

Repayment terms

There is no set lending term, as far as is possible loans will be tailored to the business and the capacity to make repayments. The maximum term is usually 10 years.


Loans are only available to economically viable co-operatives registered in the UK.

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